About Me

I was born in San Francisco, CA. I grew up in Pinole and currently live in Crockett, CA. I have a passion for cooking and am a self-taught chef. I decided to leave corporate life to start my own business. I have been in direct sales previously and decided to incorporate my skills into selling my own products. I have developed a line of gourmet nuts that are delicious and healthy. I can't wait for you to try them!


Why Nuts?

I like to go out for drinks with my friends. One day I noticed that people's choices were limited when it came to snack choices. Seeing a need and deciding to do something about it led me to research and create nut recipes. I thought a better choice than the typical offering of chips would be nuts.

Why the name Best Damn Nuts?

In the beginning, my business started as Kristina's Kitchen. As it turns out there are more than seven Kristina's Kitchens across the US. I needed a catchy name that stood out. During a brainstorming session with friends,  we were eating Rosemary Cayenne Cashews and drinking wine. Somebody said, "These are the best damn nuts!" 

What is your favorite nut? 

My current favorite flavor is the Cheddar Jalapeño Almonds. I love the spicy  jalapeño flavor and the mild cheesy taste. My other favorite is always the open bag in front of me.


Questions & Answers