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Product List & Pricing

This is wholesale pricing if you are not a resale customer, please contact us through the contact us form.

We are currently offering a "Welcome" special for new customers at $2.00 per unit for their first order. All products sell wholesale for $2.25 a bag. We recommend items sell for $3.25-$4.00.

All orders are subject to minimum requirements. See the wholesale tab for more details.


"Smokehouse" Style Almonds 1.5 oz 

Almonds coated with smoke flavoring

Wasabi & Soy Almonds 1.5 oz 

Almonds coated with wasabi and soy flavoring

Dark Chocolate Almonds 2.0 oz

Almonds covered with dark chocolate.


Rosemary & Cayenne Cashews 1.5 oz

Cashews roasted with fresh rosemary and covered with butter, brown sugar and cayenne. *Special Order*

Roasted Salted Cashews 1.5 oz

Cashews with salt

Mixed Nuts

Rosemary & Cayenne Mixed Nuts 1.5 oz

Almonds, cashews, pecans, macadamia, hazel nuts, and Brazil nuts roasted with fresh rosemary then coated with butter, brown sugar and cayenne pepper. Just like it's delicious cousin Rosemary & Cayenne Cashews. *Special Order*

Roasted Salted Mixed Nuts1.5 oz

A combination of mixed nuts roasted with salt


Garlic Onion Pistachios 1.5 oz

Pistachios in the shell with a delightful bend of garlic and onion



Szechuan Hot Chinese Peanuts 2.0 oz

Peanuts flavored with Szechuan peppers and five spice.

Honey Roasted Peanuts 2.0 oz

Peanuts flavored with honey flavoring.

Snack Mixes

Party Mix with Rosemary & Cayenne Mix Nuts 2.5 oz

A snack blend featuring a "Chex Mix", cheese crackers, pretzels and our signature product, Rosemary & Cayenne Mixed Nuts

Spicy Asian Mix 3.5 oz

A rice cracker blend with spicy nuts, including Cheddar Jalapeno Almonds, Chile Lime Almonds, Chile Lime Cashews,Spicy Sriracha Corn Nuts 


Kristina's Kitchen now offers cookies. Cookies are prepackaged with about 4 per package. Popular choices include Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, or Peanut Butter. These are baked to order.

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